Posted Tue, 18 Aug 2015 15:20:17 GMT by Hamdi Ashur
Is it possible to export a movie where the model domain is rotating? - So one can see that it is indeed a 3d model? I tried to export as a avi file but it is just a video with a still picture.

Thank you in advance!
Posted Wed, 19 Aug 2015 08:52:49 GMT by Björn Kaiser
You can rotate your model by using the Autopilot Panel. The Autopilot Panel enables you to setup and export an animation for the active view window based on a keyframe concept. Four different categories are provided: [b]Simulation Time, Position, Clipping and Visibility[/b] which can be set up along a common presentation time line.

Here is a short example for the Position category: Set a first keyframe of [b]Position A[/b] at time [b]t=0[/b] and a set a second keyframe of [b]Position B[/b] at time [b]t=1[/b]. The resulting animation rotates the model from [b]Position A[/b] to [b]Position B[/b] between time [b]t=0[/b] and time [b]t=1[/b] along the presentation time line.

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