Posted Mon, 24 Sep 2018 01:07:13 GMT by Muler
I have an alluvial aquifer distributed in three layers. Spatially the aquifer occurs on different locations in the three layers within interbeded aquitard layers (e.g. layer 1 contains only east aquifer etc layer 2 partly aquitard etc). I wanted to represent this aquifer using pilot points. I created pilot points - X, Y and Slice on the three layers. Is using a single zone for the entire aquifer and putting pilot points on different slices a good way to represent this system? I am intending to use 2D Pilot Points with all layer variable option.
Posted Sun, 30 Sep 2018 11:23:43 GMT by Björn Kaiser
Yes, in principle you could try to generate Pilot Points in a zone representing your area of interest. However, you may run into the risk of having sharp contrasts in material properties at the interface between the zone and the vicinity. Alternatively, you may generate Pilot Points in the entire domain and impose preferred values (since you already have a rough idea about the distribution of the parameters).
Posted Tue, 16 Oct 2018 04:04:03 GMT by Muler
Thanks Bjorn.

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