Posted Thu, 07 Aug 2014 00:56:01 GMT by Jarrah Muller Civil Engineer
I would love it if the server and slave set up could be edited during a PEST run.

-A new server becomes available during a long PEST run, and I'd like to use it
-A server is over loaded, so I want to reduce the number of slaves it is running

Posted Thu, 07 Aug 2014 13:33:28 GMT by Carlos Andres Rivera Villarreyes Global Product Specialist - FEFLOW
Hi Jarrah,

Indeed, you can edit the slave set up during the PEST run. In the server you just need to go to the folder, where the slaves have been deployed. By default, they are placed on a temporal folder under \fepest_data\. You can find the temporal folder if you type %temp% in Windows Explorer.

[u][b]Include new slaves in the FePEST parallel run:[/b][/u]
- Make a copy of the slave folder. Typically they are named as "[color=red]FePEST ProjectName[/color] [b]@[/b] [color=purple]ServerName[/color] [b]~[/b] [color=green]SlaveNumber[/color]" (everything together).
- Edit the folder name and increase the slave number.
- Go inside the new created folder and execute file [color=red]run_slave.bat[/color].
- A command window is opened and model starts running.

[u][b]You can also attach new servers not described before FePEST run was initiated:[/b][/u]
- Copy the slave folder from any server (or even from a local slave in the FePEST Master).
- Edit batch file [color=red]run_model.bat[/color].
      a) Define (if needed) the location of the fepest62.exe (Typically C:\Program Files\WASY\FEFLOW 6.2\bin64).
      b) Define the location of the FPS file.

- Edit batch file [color=red]run_slave.bat[/color].
      a) Define (if needed) PEST path. Typically "C:\Program Files\PEST Utilities\pest\"
      b) Define location of BeoPEST and PST file.
          "C:\Program Files\PEST Utilities\pest\beopest64.exe" "MyProjectName.pst"
      c) Define FePEST Master name (or IP address) and the port defined previously for connection (This was already set in the FPS file).
          /H MyIPnumber:MyPortNumber

[u][b]Reduce the number of slaves in the FePEST parallel run:[/b][/u]
- Go to the slave folder in the server.
- Execute file [color=red]stop_pest.bat[/color].
- A command window is opened and it will requires to confirm the action.



Posted Wed, 06 Jul 2016 17:58:24 GMT by Javier Gonzalez
Have these instructions changed for FEFLOW and FePest 7.0?. For the case to add new servers available:

I'm looking at the batch files that have to be edited but all I can see is relative paths. Below are the two files. I don't see:
1) The section where the fps file have to be defined in the run_model batch file
2) The section where to define the PST file in run_slave file

Do the slave folder of one of the active servers have to be copied to a path similar in the new server available?
If I have the files below, what are the changes needed?. I also assume that after the batches have been edited within the copied folder, then the run_slave one have to be launched right? Will the master know automatically that the new server is available or the deploy_slaves batch have to be run?

@rem -- This script is for running PEST
@setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

@rem -- environment
@if exist "set_env.bat" @call "set_env.bat"

@rem -- custom alt-processing
@if exist "_run_model-alt.bat" @call "_run_model-alt.bat" & exit

@rem -- custom pre-processing
@if exist "_run_model-pre.bat" @call "_run_model-pre.bat"

@rem -- delete old model output
@if exist "%CASE%.fpo" del "%CASE%.fpo" >nul 2>&1
@if exist "transient.fpo" del "transient.fpo" >nul 2>&1

@rem -- run fepest
@"fepest70c" "%PROBLEMPATH%" -mode=run -workdir="%WORKDIR%"

@rem -- custom post-processing
@if exist "_run_model-post.bat" @call "_run_model-post.bat"

@echo.[INFO] running the script: run_slave.bat
@setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

@rem -- environment
@if exist "set_env.bat" @call "set_env.bat"

@rem -- custom alt-processing
@if exist "_run_slave-alt.bat" @call "_run_slave-alt.bat" & exit

@rem -- custom pre-processing
@if exist "_run_slave-pre.bat" @call "_run_slave-pre.bat"

@rem -- check slave dir name validity
@for %%f in ("%WORKDIR%") do @set SLAVEDIR=%%~nxf
@if "x%SLAVEDIR:TheNameOfTheFePestFile@=%"=="x%SLAVEDIR%" (
  @echo.[ERROR] invalid slave directory name!
  @echo.[ERROR] name must start with: "TheNameOfTheFePestFile@"

@rem -- run pest
@set RESTART=/p1
@if exist "%CASE%.rst" @set RESTART=/s
"beopest32.exe" "%CASE%.pst" /H AnIpNumber:APortNumber !RESTART!
@if exist "%CASE%.res" del "%CASE%.rst" >nul 2>&1
@if exist "pest.stp" exit

@rem -- custom post-processing
@if exist "_run_slave-post.bat" @call "_run_slave-post.bat"

@rem -- wait for one second
@ping -n 1 -w 1000 >nul

@echo.[INFO] completed the script: run_slave.bat

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