Posted Wed, 21 Jan 2015 13:10:33 GMT by Sven Fuchs Dr.
Hey all,

is it possible to change the termination criteria in the problem settings after pressing the red stop button in FePest and to resume the run afterwards (I mean no restart from the beginning).

My current optimization is running since almost a week and I need to finish this optimization step as soon as possible (No discussion about the success of the optimization process itself)
The comparison between simulated and observed values is excellent but I choose insufficient termination criteria.

I just need to know if the questioned procedure is possible from a technical point of view.

I really appreciate any help you can give.

Posted Tue, 27 Jan 2015 08:45:22 GMT by Carlos Andres Rivera Villarreyes Global Product Specialist - FEFLOW
Dear Sven,

Every time you modify the problem settings within the interface, FePEST will "realize" these changes and therefore it will ask to re-create the PEST files. Alternatively, you can easily open the PEST Control File from FePEST and modify the single parameter, which controls the termination criteria (NOPTMAX).

By the way, if you stop the PEST run without this has terminated by its own, FePEST will provide the last parameter estimates found by PEST also.


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