• Re: Daily timestep recharge

    Hi Carlos,

    Ok, so instead of the 'Use Parameter Value' option - selecting elements and applying an expression for each timestep, I can apply the 'Use Mathed Expression' option and it should evaluate the value for each timestep as the model runs?

    I've attached a screenshot of the equation I'm currently using. "ED.1" is the elemental user distribution, and "TS.Recharge" is the timeseries with daily recharge values. I assume this gets applied to all elements in the mesh for each timestep when I run the model.

    I assume I still need to make sure that the 'In/outflow on top/bottom' parameter has the same amount of time stages as the timeseries file I'm using in the equation?


  • Error activating Hydrodynamics FEFLOW 7.5

    I've recently installed FEFLOW 7.5 and am hoping to utilize the integrated coupling of FEFLOW 7.5 with MIKE 1D (instead of using the outdated ifmMIKE11 utility). However, when trying to activate the Hydrodynamics option, I get the following error:

    "IFM module FEMMIKE1D not found"

    Is there something I have missed during installation? I have MIKE Zero 2022 installed on my machine (as well as previous versions).

    Thanks in advance.
  • Daily timestep recharge

    I am looking to implement recharge on a daily timescale in my FEFLOW model. I have a 20-year timeseries that will be uniform for the entire model domain. However, I want to multiply the daily values by a 'paved area coefficient' that I have created using an elemental distribution.

    My first problem is assigning daily recharge values (over a 20-year period) to the approximately 100,000 elements in the mesh. I've not yet had success assigning daily timeseries values over such a long period to so many elements. Is there a less computationally-intensive way to assign daily timestep values to so many elements?

    My next problem is finding a way to multiply the 'paved area coefficient' contained within my user-defined elemental distribution (which is constant in time) with the daily recharge values. Is this possible within FEFLOW's Equation Editor? I can't seem to find a way to multiply the coefficient at each timestep.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Re: Time-dependent functions in equation editor

    Following up from the query above, I'm looking to utilize the equation editor to apply a time-dependent function to a material property.

    In my case, I'm wanting to multiple the value in a user-defined elemental distribution value (paved area coefficient) by recharge (In/outflow on top/bottom) for each timestep.

    Is there a way to do this within the equation editor?

    Thanks in advance,