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    Hello, Thanks for your answer. I found that there are 2 plug-ins, OpenLoop and Open-Loop Design. Would you please tell me the difference between these 2 plug-ins? Also, I wonder how to use Open-Loop Design. I checked the Help document but I cannot understand following expression: 4. A second nodal distribution in User Data with the name 'OpenLoopPortion' is to be created to define the portions of injection/extraction on the nodes belonging to a system. The integer reference value represents the number of the time-series to be used as the portion function for the well at this location. The same time-series ID may be used for more than one well. The values in the time series are expected to be between 0 and 1, and typically would add up to 1 when summing over all extraction or injection nodes of a system (unless water is discharged elsewhere). All other nodes are to be given zero or negative values. Is OpenLoopPortion a mandatory setting when using Open-Loop Design? If so, how to arrange the value of nodes? Thanks, Guanyu
  • OpenLoop Plug-in

    I want to model a doublet ATES system. How to use the OpenLoop Plug-in to realize the fixed injection temperature? (For example,I would like to inject water with 14℃ in summer and inject water with 6℃ in witer. The extraction and injection well be inverted with the season change)