• Using MIKE-SHE for rainfall-runoff modeling

    Hi and hope all is well

    I want to investigate the effect of rainfall event spatial variability on catchment outflow (Hydrograph) in a small watershed (150 sq. km) using MIKE-SHE. I have some questions:

    1- As far as I know, MIKE-SHE is designed for continuous modeling. Can I use it for event-based modeling of rainfall-runoff?
    2- Should I check rivers and lakes in the simulation specification tab or rely just on overland flow?
    3- If I use MIKE-11, what kind of branch type should I use (Regular or Kinematic)?
    4- How far should my cross-sections be for a reliable model?
    5- Can I calibrate my rainfall-runoff model using real data and then impose different rainfall scenarios?

    Many thanks in advance