• Re: Culvert modelling process

    How is it possible to solve this problem only in MIKE21?
  • Re: Modelling a retention basin

    And what is the best way to be sure, that max. (for example) 8 m³/s leave the bottom outlet of the retention basin?
  • Modelling a retention basin


    I am looking for the best way to model a retention basin.

    I have a 2D-riverbed and my first idea was to model a 2D-dike structure and then add a 2D-culvert functioning as the bottom outlet of the retention basin. Of course I need a specifed maximum discharge which can run through the bottom outlet (controlled via the geometry of the culvert).

    Is this a good way to solve the problem of modelling a retention basin?
    Or should I model the bottem outlet via a 1D-MIKE11 cross section? How to connect this then to the 2D dike structure?

    Thanks a lot!

    Since I proposed to model a 2D-culvert as bottom outlet for the levee, I guess I have to modify the scatter data since the culvert only represents a cross-section? (and the bottom outlet in real has a length of let`s say 40m). So I have to model the correct invert of the bottom outlet structure during the full 40m?