• Re: Transient Age Transport Model

    Answer from FEFLOW if someone is interested in this topic:

    it is not right to divide mean age flux period budget by fluid flux period budget. You can divide mean age flux budget by fluid flux budget for a MLW, in which case you will obtain a flux-averaged mean age (some kind of average of mean ages in the well), similar to the so-called flux-concentration. Since at the well nodes the dispersive part of mean age flux is neglected, you should obtain a pure fluid-flux weighted concentration
  • Transient Age Transport Model

    Hi everyone,

    I want to calculate the mean water age of the well water in a transient age transport model. The observation point at the same node like the multilayer well calculates a mean local age of a few days, while the other observation points near there show values about some years. Therefore I want to now how to get the right water age of the water pumped out of the multilayer well.
    Is it right to divide the Age-mass period budget [m³/d] with the Fluid Period Budget [m³] of the multilayer well to obtain the age [d] of the water pumped out?

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  • Re: Random-Walks Method with Discrete Features

    Thank you for your reply!
    I am using the DF in combination with Dual Node Connectors (DNC). Therefore the tracks of the particles running through the DF are not shown in the matrix elements. Is there a way to show the tracks of the particles running through the DF in spite of the DNC?
  • Random-Walks Method with Discrete Features

    Hi everyone  :)

    is it possible to use the random walk method to analyse the flowpaths in a groundwater flow model with discrete feature elements as fractures?
    I mean, can the particles be displayed also in the discrete feature elements in the 3D view after running the model?

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  • 3D Groundwaterflow Modeling - HydraulicHeadBC only with outflow

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    I want to applicate a HydraulicHeadBC without inflow, only with outflow.
    I tried to do it with In- and Out-Transfer Rate, but therefore a Fluid-transferBC is necessary.

    Can anyone help me?

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