• Rule Based Control.

    Hi, everyone.

    I´m trying create a rule to open and closed a pump based on a different water levels in a tank.
    When I running the analys, the error appear. " undefined node in following line of Rule 17".
    I researched the problem, the tool [b](Rule-based controls)[/b] type id in capital letters, and EPANET not accept it.

    How can I change this???. because I can not work with this tool because this problem.

    best regards.
  • Re: I have solve rename MUID field

    my knowledge to use this tool are limited, but I tried.
    I could use " autoincrement()". but for me it was impossible to appear the text in the MUID,
    you know, "wLink and wNode", so, I had to use that ugly way. delete a MUID column.

    Best Regards, RMachado.

    Right know I`m working with a main water network, and i will design some scenarios...
  • I have solve rename MUID field

    I must admit, was not elegant way, but fix the problem.
    With arcgis 10.1 could delete MUID column, and them with import/export tool MUID has been created anew.
    if anyone knows other way, please......." let me know".

    I have worked with MikeUrban 2012.

    Best regards.
  • Rename MUID* data

    I need to rename the field MUID* all items, please, How can I do this?.
    Is there any tool to perform this task automatically?

    I Have tried with Python, but I could not append " wNode, or wLink.....With python only could autoincrement().

    Kind Regards
  • a Salute

    I´m Working with Mike Urban, not so long time ago. I´m from Spain, but, because economic issues I´m working in Brazil.
    I have been working in water projects since 2005, in countries like, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, Saudi Arabia and now Brazil.
    All of them related to improvements in water supply networks. Mike Urban is being helpfull.

    I hope to help everyone.

    Kind Regards