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    Groups of wells with separate temperature differentials are simply assigned different values in the User Data distribution, corresponding to the time series id to be used for the temperature differential. So if the temperature differential of the first pair of wells is in time series 50, the two (or more) well nodes get the value 50 in the User Data Distribution OpenLoop. Assuming the second pair has time series 60, those nodes need to get 60 as their value.

    A helpful reply, Peter, thank you. 

    The twist in my situation is that I don't understand how only one OpenLoop nodal reference distribution can be used if pumping/injection pairs or groups can only have one nodal value within that distribution.  Extending the example you gave above, let's designate the well pair in time series 50 as A and B, while the time series 60 wells are C and D.  That works for portions of the simulation, but for other portions I want to specify a temperature differential for these same wells, but now paired as A-C and B-D.  I can't specify a different OpenLoop distribution to reflect the different pairing of the wells, and, as far as I understand, I can't assign multiple or time-variant values to the nodal distributions.  Am I missing something or is there a workaround?
  • OpenLoop plug-in for multiple well sets

    I want to use the OpenLoop plugin to model well quadruplets rather than couplets for an ATES-based geothermal application.  The existing plugin is not suitable for this task because, as near as I can tell, it only allows one power function to be applied to one group of wells (nodal reference  distribution), and I need it to apply to multiple well sets throughout the simulation.  Ideally, I could specify and name several different nodal reference distributions (OpenLLoop 1, OpenLoop 2, etc.) and apply a time series of ∆T to each one.  A similar capability exists for multispecies mass transport using OpenLoop, naming them OpenLoop Mass 1, OpenLoop Mass 2, etc.  Is there a version of OpenLopp plugin that allows me to specify more than one nodal reference distribution?