• piChem error OntimeStepConstraint

    Hello, I am working with piChem and have three questions. First, is there a way to disable certain nodes on the selection P4F user data so that they are not included in the PyChem calculations in order to increase performance? Second, when I ran some tests with my model, I received the following error message: 'PHREEQC chemical reactions (piChem)::OnTimeStepConstraint(): Invalid time step length!' I have tried disabling the time series and using time series with values of 0.0001 [d] and others with 1000 [d], but this message continues to appear. Third, is there a way to automatically link the Boundary Conditions and the Initial conditions without using the GUI provided by piChem? I want to create one file for each node on my model, approximately 79,000 nodes, maybe using Python to send that link information to piChem.

  • Using python ifm extension to export the Zero isosurface from a Flow Model

    Hello, Guys from DHI I have a question.
    How FEFLOW GUI calculates on a 3D view the  Zero isosurface from the Fluid Flow Pressure? It's by interpolating the closest negative and positive node near zero [kPa]?
    I have tried to replicate the result from the GUI exports using the ifm getResultsFlowPressureValue(node) and filtering the nodes closest to Zero but seems that the export from FEFLOW  gets some points around that node and I don't know what that point means or how to add them.
    The image below has the red points from the FEFLOW export and in blue the nodes filtered by ifm.