• RE: MIKE SHE Interpolation Error from domain

    Sharad - this probably means little at this point, but in case anyone else runs into the same problem....

    I have encountered this same issue along my model boundary. Here when assigning properties via DFS2 or SHP, the grid discretization along the model boundary may be flagged as UNDEFINED.

    The solution to this, is to expand the outer boundary of your properties files, well beyond the model bound. 

    See example image where model bound is in blue.

     - Br,

  • batch cross section output

    Hello - I have a series of rivers from a MIKE HYDRO model with dozens of cross sections. 
    I would like to batch output the cross sections, all in the same format and with some labels, titles, and so forth.
    I see no way to about cross sections except to text files or by tediously selecting each one, deleting the history, and dumping it to an image format.

    Seems like there has to be a better way.

    Thoughts anyone?
  • SHE > FEFLOW time series data extraction

    I have a MSHE regional model with a subdomain model boundary as a .shp .
    I would like to extract the entire SZ head time series at the vertices of the subdomain shapefile polygon - to go into FEFLOW times series boundary format.
    The time series tools in MSHE don't seem to allow for this directly.

    Any suggestions on how to proceed?