• mesh generation


    Each time I try to generate the mesh for a regional flow simulation model (30-60 km2) :-\, I have the same problem. I'm unable to genrate mesh with ''genrate automatically'' (obviously) and with ''generate areally''.

    I tried different settings: with or without refinement, using deiffent nodes number....and nothing. Feflow cannot generate mesh.

    I veriefied all nodes connections and there is not gap between superelement, lines and points. Someone can help me ?

    Thank, Michael
  • Re: Constraint a CHB


    It works properly.

  • Constraint a CHB


    I'm building a 3D model for water budget analysis. Now, I'm running in steady state in order to calibrate the model. After I wish to run it in transient  mode in order to simulate groundwater pumping effect. So, when I run the model with pumping well, I obviously observed a modification in mass balance, particularly for input comming from Head (1st Kind) Boundary situated in the border of the model.

    Someone can explain how to constraint Head Boundary to a maximum influx. I'm planing to run the model in steady state and to check input and output from each border condition. After I supposed that I can constraint flux (m3/d) for each border section in order to fixed the maximum input from each border section.  Someone can tell me how to do that and if my planning is good ?

    Thanks ,  Michael