• interpretation of "density ratio"

    Dear all,
    I did not understand the meaning of the "density ratio" parameter related to the quantities in the governing equations. I have found similar question in the archive of old forum but with no answers
    [ July 19, 2006, 04:04:02 PM Doug Anderson][July 19, 2006, 03:58:05 PM Dwaine Edington].

    In the documentation, the dependence of density on concentration is given by
    rho = rho_0 + rho_0 * alpha_bar * (C - Co) / (Cs - Co)
    but it is not written what is input as the "density ratio" in the user interface. There are two parameters, alpha_bar and Cs but only one input value (Co is input somewhere else and I do not find any reason for a nonzero value).
    The only interpretation which makes sense is that I should input "alpha_bar/(Cs-Co)" in place of "density ratio". But the requested value of density ratio is dimensionless (with default 1e-4 multiplier) while "alpha_bar/(Cs-Co)" is not (alpha_bar is dimensionless).

    Is it correct if I put "7" (i.e. 0.7e-3) as "density ratio" (according to above consideration) to have the simplest relation mentioned in the documentation rho(c)=rho_0 + 0.7 * c ? (considering rho_0=1000)

    I have no idea how to check the results with a simple quantitative test problem with variable density. I did not find how to display density in the prostprocessing.

    I work with 4.7 licence but it seems the interface is the same in higher versions.

    Thank you for your help.
    Milan Hokr