• Re: Changing .fem problem values

    I too would really like to know if its possible. I got many sensitivity analysis to do and Id like to be able to edit the .fem quickly and then, run all the generated .fem in batch mode.

  • Re: refinment vs drawdown? Video included!

    Alexander, thanks a lot for that answer.
  • refinment vs drawdown? Video included!


    Check it out, why is the drawdown varying as a function of the element size?
  • Multi-layer wells

    Hi there,

    I was just wondering if there was a way to import multiple multi-layer well, each having a different pumping rate and different screen interval?

    When I click the Database option under Assign, they Multi-Well is greyed out and when I try to import them using Line Join, it doesnt do it either since I have to enter the pumping rate and screen interval for each lines.

    I would like to enter all these information in a trp or pnt or even a shp file and then import this file. Ive got like 50 multi-layer wells and i need to play a LOT with their pumping rate, so doing by hand is kinda long!.