• Mike Customized for flood forecasting and early warning

    Hi All

    I am a Planning Analyst an a Water Utility. right now I have been tasked to lead a project to develop an Flood Early Warning System for a District Municipality that is a client to us. We have an operational Mike Customized Platform _ Water Resource Management Decision Support System which does not operate in real time but we are now upgrading to Mike Customized Real Time which has functionalities for real time flood forecasting. I would like to get advice on whether Mike Customized Real Time is an open source software or a blackbox. I am actually interested in this because we would like to have a flexible system, a system we can change anytime and a system that we can use any model on it, even if it is not a DHI model.
    Can forecasts be ran using any meteorological product/data available in MIKE customized?
    Can Mike customized use the global Forecast System?

    Thanking you in advance