• RE: piFreeze leading to negative head

    Hello, To inform the community: this was due to a bug in the piFreeze. A bugfix has now been released for this plugin (under version v1.001). Regards
  • RE: piFreeze leading to negative head

    Thank you for your answer Carlos.
    I understand (and experience!) that piFreeze can cause diverging values of head. Then, could you suggest a solution to get realistic head values? The idea is obviously not to set (unknown) head limits in the model, but to get computed values everywhere, in order to have a consistent flow.

    NB: I contacted the support team, and I am currently waiting for their answer.

    Kind regards
  • piFreeze leading to negative head

    Hello,<br> piFreeze is leading to gradually drifting values of head and pressure, when a temperature timeseries with oscillations around the freezing temperature is used for temperature boundary condition.<br> This leads to both very high and very low head/pressure values (for instance, head as low as -2e8 m are encountered).<br> Illustration:<br> <img alt="" src="https://i.postimg.cc/DwQmMhzR/Capture-d-cran-de-2023-03-29-19-51-37.png" style="width:1280px;height:665px;"><br> This screenshot shows the gradually increasing head values for a few observations points located below the surface.<br> It also shows the few nodes (selected in yellow on the mesh) that exhibit negative head values.<br> NB : all surface nodes have head BC equal to elevation, which explains why the wrong values appear in the subsurface.<br> <br> Running the same simulation without piFreeze clearly reveals that it is responsible of this.<br> Any idea / suggestions to cope with this bug?<br> <br> The fem file can be downloaded from: https://filesender.renater.fr/?s=download&amp;token=2dec035a-0d0d-42d1-9de9-bea2dd2dffe7 (1.3Gb)
  • injecting flow in a fracture: Well BC or discrete feature source/sink?

    I would like to know what is the proper way to inject some flow in a fracture, defined as a discrete feature in a 2D vertical model: I already thought (and tried) various flow BCs such as fluid-flux or Well BC, or trying to use the discrete feature source/sink property.

    However, none of these methods seems correct: among the encountered problems, the fracture displays strong variations of saturation/pressure/head, while it is expected to present similar characteristics along the whole length.

    Another question about the same problem definition: where should be defined the temperature of the injected fluid?

    Thank you for your help