• Re: Help me please


    you can use the "Budget analyser" menu after a model run.
  • Re: Negative concentrations

    The reason for the negative concentrations are probably numerical oscillations (I know this from a lot of FEFLOW computations). Mesh refinements could help but probably they will not solve the whole problem.

    You could try different Upwind techniques (temporal and controll data menu).

    Or you have to adjust your dispersivity. Your mesh Peclet number (edge length of your elements divided by dispersivity) should be less than 1. So a high dispersivity willhelp, but of course it will also smooth your results.
  • Re: 2D vertical - groundwater surface

    I normally use the pressure distribution for visualization of water level. Pressure = 0 would give you the water table. To visualize this you should edit the legend options: set the resolution equal 2 (only 2 classes) and fix the minimum and maximum value symmetrically arround 0 (e.g. -1.0 and 1.0). So this should work well.

    Another tip about modelling this sections:
    if your water table would not look like you expected, you should check whether your local coordinate system equals the global system.