• Re: Feflow

    For  the  definition  of  time-varying  material  properties,  FEFLOW  6.1  provides  multiple  settings  and  convenient import and assignment options: Time-varying values can be assigned manually if a parameter has been made transient before. Manual assignment  from  time  series  is  also  available  following  the  same  workflow  as  for  the  assignment  of  transient boundary conditions. Automatic map-based assignment via the Parameter Association dialog supports  multiple  data  formats:  Map  data  can  be  assigned  to  the  currently  selected  time,  different  attribute fields can be assigned to different time stages, time/value pairs can be linked to a parameter and  time-series  files  can  also  be  joined  to  imported  maps.  Additionally,  assignment  via  the  new  Expression Editor is also supported. Refer [url=http://american-writers.org/]custom essay writing service[/url] for more details.