• Re: Quadrangular mesh based on cross section


    I understand that you only have point data of your cross-sections not any data between successive cross sections right? not dense data or point cloud?

    My suggestion is using of ArcGIS. Model your river there and then convert it to ASCII points which is XXX.xyz. Then import it to mesh generator tool in order to interpolate and create your floodplain.



    Thanks Chistian for your reply.

    I solved my problem. Anyone who deals with same situation, you can us a toolbox inside the MIKE ZERO. It works perfectly to give you max speed, max depth, and hazards.


    Hi to all,

    Im using MIKE 2016 and I completed my simulations and got the result file XX.dfsu including surface water elevations, water depths and current speeds. Now, Im trying to form Flood Hazard map but I can't use the tool of "HAZARD MAP TOOL". I got error when upload my result file.

    Can anyone urgently help me for this?

    Thank you so much,

  • "Steady state error"

    I got an Error Message as follows: :o

    ERROR: Unexpected exception occurred. Please see log file for details. Exception message: Steady state error in iteration 1
    Exception: Steady state error in iteration 1: Q cannot be determined on reach kanlidere,0,11454.23046875

    Anyone has an idea to solve it?

    For example, When I remove Hydraulic structures (culverts and weirs), it works  but Why???
    OR, I changed HD: from Steady State to Parameter File (without adding any files just change!) in Simulation Tab in Initial Conditions, and it works again! but Why??  :-\

    Kind regards,