• Unstructured mesh workflow

    Has anyone had a chance to work with unstructured meshes yet?  I can't seem to find good documentation on the work flow for creating partially unstructured meshes or fully unstructured meshes.  Is there a tutorial available from DHI?  Sample input files? 

    I've imported a simple .3ds cube and get a error that is has self intersecting elements when I attempt to use TetGen. 

    Any documentation or tips appreciated. 

    On an unrelated note is a captcha + 2 x word challenges really necessary for a technical forum?

    Cheers, Nate
  • Re: Free FEFLOW Plug In: ZoneTable

    Thanks I'll give it a try.
  • Broken Feature: Join(s) between table and map in FEFLOW 7

    Hello all,

    In Feflow 7 I attempted to join a shapefile containing geometry for a nexrad grid with a table containing the timeseries of recharge values for each cell.  When A add a new file (.dat) in the join dialog window the software hangs with no progress in the progress bar.  I'm able to complete the same operation in FEFLOW 6.2 with no problem. 

    Has anyone seen similar behavior? 

    Cheers, Nate
  • Re: Invalid Topology Element xxx

    Thanks for the replies.  Is there anyway to determine from the element number in the error where the problem in the line geometry may be?  I have located the errors, but it can be tedious. 

    For others who stumble of this post: Intersections of polylines and complex geometries are a good place to check.  While tedious I have found that creating supermesh lines in feflow has better results than converting shapefiles for complex geometries. 

  • Invalid Topology Element xxx

    Hello Everyone,

    I am having trouble with the triangle meshing routine.  I have imported shape files for a model domain polygon and lines representing streams.  I can mesh the model domain fine, but when I convert the stream shapefile into superelement lines and run the meshing routine I get the error "Invalid Topology in Element xxx" 

    I haven't been able to locate anything useful to indicate what this error message is telling me about my stream geometry.  I have been successful drastically reducing the complexity of the stream geometry, but I'm hoping someone has some other ideas what this error means. 

    Regards, Nate