• Re: Using feflow70c (Command Line Feflow) with Particle Tracks

    Wow! This is a very helpful response. It seems like it might take me some significant time to implement this, but I am interested. I will speak with my adviser to see if it is something that would be worth working through; if we are only doing one or two more sets of these particle tracks then I might as well do them by hand for all the time I will spend figuring out the coding for all that post-simulation (I am not a classically trained computer scientist, just an engineer sadly) I will certainly get back to you if we plan to automate using your post-process idea! Thanks a lot!
  • Using feflow70c (Command Line Feflow) with Particle Tracks

    Hello all!

    I am working on a problem that would be great to be able to automate; I am running particle tracks for about a hundred different conductivity schemes. I have figured out how to call feflow from a command line and automate every other aspect of the process other than exporting the particle track data that is generated during each simulation. I've come to this forum seeking the sage one who might tell me if this functionality is even possible. Please let me know what you can!