• "File Not Readable" error

    Hello all

    After a five-year absence, I'm back using FEFLOW. Not only that, I'm attempting to use FePEST.

    On my very first attempt, I've run into a problem that I can't figure out.

    It's a simple model. I'm trying to estimate six parameters of a 2D, vertical slice, steady-state model. Six Kmax zones and six anisotropy ratios. I've gone through the setup and the checks and everything seems OK but when I run the model, I get the following error messages:

    Error condition prevents continued PEST execution:-

    Cannot open model output file n1_0032p.fpo.
    [ERROR] File not readable: '[path]\FEM\femdata\N1_0032P\n1_0032p.fpi'

    When I look in the model folder, I see that the .fpo file does not exist, however, the .fpi file does exist and has the following contents:

    [font=courier]con-1  2.8000000E-01
    con-2  2.3685000E-02
    con-3  1.2478100E-03
    con-4  1.0000000E-04
    con-5  3.0175000E-03
    con-6  4.7128700E-03
    fac-1  1.0000000E+00
    fac-2  1.0000000E+00
    fac-3  5.0000000E-02
    fac-4  1.0000000E-01
    fac-5  2.0000000E-01
    fac-6  3.0000000E-01[/font]

    Any suggestions?