• Feflow and Leapfrog Hydro


    Does anyone have any experience on developing FEFlow models using Leapfrog Hydro that they want to share?

    Is it possible easily to create feflow models of different locations within the boundaries of a regional model held in Leapfrog Hydro?


  • Re: Defined timeseries and automatic timestep control

    The reason I am asking is that in a couple of our models we experience that the automatic timestep control does [u]not[/u] honor the steps specified in a time series.

    Please refer to the attached image:
    [img width=200 height=125]http://i.imgur.com/PNCr0.png[/img]

    Can you offer any suggestion towards resolving this issue?
  • Defined timeseries and automatic timestep control


    Is the automatic timestep control directly coupled to defined timeseries?

    i.e. if a timeseries is defined for some parameter in a feflow model. Will the automatic timestep control include steps corrospondent to those defined in the timeseries?

  • Re: RESOLVED: PEST 12.1.0 and FEFLOW 6.0 "Cannot open model output file"


    You have to convert lineendings in the .fem file that was generated by PEST before launching feflow.

    This is done in the batch file used to run FEFLOW before starting feflow

    [b]This is what the first line in the example batch file does:[/b]

    [code]@echo off
    start /min /wait "" "sfk" lf-to-crlf -dir femdata -file .fem -norec
    start /min /wait "" "C:\Program Files\WASY\FEFLOW 6.0\bin64\feflow60c.exe" -work C:\Users\XXX\Desktop\PEST_Calibration\ -ascii -dar output.dar input.fem
    start /min /wait "" "sfk" lf-to-crlf -dir results -file .dar -norec[/code]

  • Manipulate stored element/node selections

    Is it possible to manipulate "Stored element/node selections" from an IFM?

    In addition is it possible to add elements to current selection from an IFM?
  • Re: "Shadows"/Contours on slice views

    Thanks alot :D
  • Re: IFM GUI

    A GUI based on Win-Forms can be created within VS2010.

    When adding a Form to your project VS2010 automatically configures your project to compile for CLR.

    However, you must go to "Configuration properties" --> "C/C++" --> "Runtime library - Code generation"
    and tell vs2010 to use the .dll version of the c runtime (/MD or /MDd).

    If not you will get a: Command line error D8016..

    Be aware that intellisense is unavailable for C++/CLI :(
  • "Shadows"/Contours on slice views

    In one model I have these "shadows" in the slice view that seem to correlate with the elevation parameter of that given slice.

    The shadows remain in the view regardless of what values are active in "view components".

    What is the significance of this if any?

    [img width=200 height=113]http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/331/capturexz.jpg[/img]
  • Custom toolbar

    To make a modal toolbar/dialog one can subscribe this to the events provided i.e. OnEditDocument.

    However, is it possible within the IFM "framework" to make a non-modal custom toolbar interacting with FEFLOW?

  • Re: RESOLVED: PEST 12.1.0 and FEFLOW 6.0 "Cannot open model output file"

    First to answer your question:
    FEFLOW is capable of opening the converted files i.e. the files with Windows newlines (CRLF). So you never need to covert CRLF to LF.

    Second, a guess to the cause of your problem:
    From what you describe PEST generates the new .fem file without error. However, you might have to check that the values PEST writes to the new .fem file can be read by feflow.
    This problem might be caused by an error in your template file e.g. a missing whitespace. However, this is only a guess

    [quote author=CD link=topic=1030.msg2527#msg2527 date=1307529412]
    I have exactly the same problem.

    Nevertheless I didn´t solve it.

    Now it is true that the file.fem has been  created (before as you said it wasn´t) but the file that is created it is not opened by Feflow.

    Actually if I try to open the new fem file directly with Feflow I have an error message saying that "Unexpected file data are found. Terminating..." and "control data of fem input are not avalaible".

    My question is if I converted the file to be read by PEST, then I would have to convert it again to Feflow?. In this case instead of two conversions (for the .fem and for the results) I would have to do four (doing and undoing the conversion)?