• piMike1D Error

    While attempting to couple FEFLOW with MIKE-1D, I encountered a recurring error message: “No coupling reaches selected for MIKE-1D; coupling will not perform any exchange!” Here are the relevant details: 1. I possess a functional FEFLOW model that utilizes a fluid transfer boundary condition (BC). 2. Simultaneously, I have a MIKE11 file that runs smoothly. 3. Both models are aligned in terms of simulation time and spatial extent. 4. Additionally, I’ve carefully selected transfer nodes for mapping and ensured adequate grid spacing for MIKE11. Despite these preparations, the coupling process remains unsuccessful. If you have any insights or suggestions, I’d appreciate your guidance!
  • RE: piMike1D

    Thank you Carlos.
  • piMike1D

    Is it possible to use FEFLOW piMIKE1D for flow coupling in steady-state groundwater models, or is this capability limited to transient models and no possible ways to use it in steady state models?
  • RE: Fracture Representation

    Thank you Carlos. In this case, then the aperture(the fracture gap) is the same as the thickness which doesn't seem right based on the book. Can you confirm that?
  • Fracture Representation

    I am using discrete feature to represent fracture and have a question about the parameters to use for Darcy and Hagen-Poiseuille equations.

    Here is the hypothetical fracture - The fracture is visible on the ground surface for a length of about 800 m and it extends from the ground surface to a depth of 50 m. The fracture gap on the geologic formation is 1 cm. The fracture physical dimension is 800 m long, 50 m deep and 1 cm wide. I am using a vertical face selection for a layer thickness of 50 m to represent it. 

    There is a Geometry/thickness parameter for both Darcy and Hagen-Poiseuille equations. Based on the feflow book, this parameter seems the thickness in the vertical direction. In the fracture case above, the thickness will be 50 m. Besides, the Hagen equation has a hydraulic aperture parameter. This seems the fracture gap of 1 cm. Is this parameterization correct? On the other hand, the feflow default parameter for the Geometry/thickness parameter is 0.001 m. This looks like a small number similar to the hydraulic aperture in stead of the thickness in the vertical direction.