• RE: Pumping flow rate assignment

    Hi!<br> <br> I have a question in relation with, ¿how can i change the pumping rate? I would like to see the variation of the hidraulic head or the groundwater table with diferent pumpings rates<br> <br> Thanks,&nbsp;<br> <br> Ander
  • RE: 8l/s pumping well simulation

    I forget to write that it is a confinated aquifer in the second and third layers and i dont know how to put impermeable boundaries.
  • 8l/s pumping well simulation

    hi everyone!!

    Please, I need your help!! I would like to show how can the water table changed if we have a pumping well with a 8l/s flow for the next 365 days. That is the situation: A pumping well and two piezometers surrounding it at X meters. Day 0, we begin the pumping at 8l/s, K_ss 2.08m/d. Hidraulic head in the south 7m and in the north 5m. I would like to know how could affect this pumping to the water table, measuring it in the piezometers and the depression cone in the pumping well for the next 365 days. 

    Thank you very much People
  • Adding elevations without using an excel file

    Hi Everyone!

    I´m having a problem with adding a MDT file to Feflow 7.0. My intention is to create a 3D model with geographical relief adding a georeferenced MDT map because I don´t have an "elevations.xlsx" file to choose the option "Link to parameter". So, I was thinking that should be an option which permits us to interpolate all the coordinates of our QGIS MDT map with the nodes of the meshing, Thus, achieve our 3D model with relief. 

    ¿Do you know how can i do it? Enter all the coordinates manually is not an option :)

    Thank you very much!