• Mike Urban crashing after runoff simulation

    Hi, I'm a beginner modeller working with Mike Urban 2012. I'm trying to calibrate a wastewater model. This is really a two part question..

    1) Firstly, I started out selecting the Runoff followed by Network simulation type, but it doesn't seem to work as the .crf file does not get inputted into the network model.  Any ideas why this might be?

    2) To work around the first issue, I have been manually running the runoff and network simulations separately one after the other. However after every runoff simulation has finished, Mike Urban crashes and I need to re-open the project to run the network simulation.  I sometimes, but not always, get the error message 'Could not load data from the data source... Possible problems can include bad network connection, invalid field, etc. An underlying database error occurred. System resource exceeded.' Is there something I'm doing that's making it crash every time and is there a way to fix this?

    Bonus question) I have also tried using the batch run tool but it doesn't seem to let me choose which order the simulations run in. So when I did it, the network simulation always ran before the runoff one (which is kind of useless). Is there a way to order the batch runs?

    Thanks for the help!