• How to overcome 'Segmentation fault during TRIANGLE mesh generation'


    I am new to the forum and relatively a newbie to Feflow. Modflow has been my primary modelling application for the past 8 years and am currently exploring Feflow.

    I have a model domain of about 1km x 1km with the intention to model an excavation box of about 20 m width x 300m length, and 1m thick wall surrounding the box. I've encountered an error box 'Segmentation fault during TRIANGLE mesh generation' when generating the mesh for the model domain and would appreciate any tips or tweaking ideas on the generator settings. I am using feflow 6.2.

    On another note, is there an easy way to see the numbering (identification) of the elements on the model? I may need to move some nodes to suit the structure that I am modelling.