• Re: Direct transfer from dewatering to injection wells

    thanks Peter - we're looking along the lines of a python script now
  • Direct transfer from dewatering to injection wells

    Hi there!

    I'm relatively new to FEFLOW, so apologies up front if i'm overlooking something relatively simple...  :)

    I have a model where an excavation is being dewatered (via Head BC's with the seepage face condition) and this water will be injected elsewhere  in the model via a set of injection wells.  I want to link the dewatering excavation in the model such that the total dewatered volume, per time step, transfers to the injection wells.  So as dewatering varies over time so does the injected water rate per well.

    In MODFLOW i'd use the "DRT package" in for this.  For FEFLOW I was wondering if this is a job for the expression editor, for example: can I assign an expression to  the Head/Well BCs for the injection wells, so in picks up the volume of dewatering for the nodes in the excavation area? or am I barking up the wrong tree with that idea?

    Hope that makes sense..  - and many thanks in advance!