• Control structure

    Dear All
    I am trying to simulate the river with a barrage and a canal outlet just upstream of barrage.
    I need to include control definition for operation of canal so that flow in canal (to the maximum of its full capacity of 100 cumecs) occurs when the flow in upstream river reach is less than or equal to 100 cumecs, otherwise if the flow in upstream river is more than 100 cumecs, the flow in canal is limited to 100 cumecs and the balance discharges downstream.

    Please help in setting up the control structure

  • blow up error in nested bathymetry

    Dear All

    I am using MIKE FLOOD with nested bathymetry (90 m, 30 m, 10 m). The set up is working fine with individual bathymetry. But with the same parameter it shows blow-up error ( in area 3). Please help.