• Exporting MIKE URBAN to SWMM5

    I have a MIKE URBAN (MU) model consisting of a large number of nodes and links and a few control structures. I will like to export the model (nodes and links along with their geometry) to SWMM5. Within MU, I have tried export option (Export to SWMM), but nothing has worked out. I will appreciate getting step by step instruction how to export the nodes and links to a SWMM5 (*.inp) file.
    With regards,
    Liaqat Khan
  • Re: Leaping Weir Representation

    Hello Brian,
    Thank you for your suggestions. I have seen the blogs listed in your response and, for now, implemented a simplified version in MIKE URBAN. I was hoping to find a simpler approach to enforcing flow split at leaping weirs.
    Thanks again,

    Liaqat Khan
  • Leaping Weir Representation

    I would like to represent a leaping weir in MIKE URBAN to correctly simulate flow split at node with one influent and two effluent pipes. The inflow goes to dry weather pipe (DW-Pipe) and wet weather pipe (WW-Pipe) as shown in the enclosed figure. I am looking for suggestions and, if possible, an example model setup that I can follow.
    Liaqat Khan