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    Thank you very much!
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    I will go with the example file and state you pretty much all the parameters that I set and attach the file.
    Polygon Dimensions: 100 x 100
    Slice1: Elevation is 20 m
    Slice 41: Elevation is 0 m
    all slices in between are 0.5 m thick

    Meshing: Triangle
    Proposed Elements: 1000
    Meshing Density 1.0

    All elements have the same conductivity: K_xx,K_yy,K_zz = 86m/d

    All nodes on the western side of the model on all layers: Hydraulic-head BC= 20 m
    All nodes on the eastern side of the model on all layers: Hydraulic-head BC= 10 m

    Problem Settings:
    Simulate Flow via = Standard (saturated) groundwater flow equation
    State: Fluid Flow = Steady
    Free Surface: Unconfined Aquifer
    Slice 1-Status=Free
    All other slices= Dependent
    Top of model domain= unconstrained head
    Bottom of model domain = unconstrained head

    Any other informations required? Am i right with the assumption that the line/curve of the hydraulic head in an unconfined aquifer is supposed to be linear? Many thanks!

    (The file is attached)
  • Nonlinear hydraulic head

    Hello everyone,

    i am trying to develop a rather simple FEFLOW model in order to simulate the temperatur plume of a shallow geothermal well. Even without any wells, my model is not behaving as I did expect. So far my setup contains of a rectangle with 40 slices with 0.5 m layers (Elevation in total is 20 m). I set the hydraulic head on the west side of the model to 10m and on the nodes of the east side of the model to 5 m hydraulic head to simulate groundwater flow. Fully saturated, steady fluid flow, conductivity in every direction is 86 m/d. Free surface is set on the first slice, all the other are dependent.

    When I simulate the model, I observe the hydraulic head with a 3D line from the east to the west-side of the model and expect a linear behaviour. Unfortunately the line is curved. Is there an explanation?

    (I attached a picture with an example-file with the same problem just with different parameters:hydraulic head-west:20m hydraulic head-east:10m)