• Ritardation Factor on mass transport

    Hi! Can someone help me, please?

    I've to simulate a mass transport of a contaminant (perchloroethylene) in a phreatic acquifer.
    I need to simulate the effect of "NATURAL ATTENUATION" which, considering long period, tends to reduce the concentration of PCE in water.
    My question is: what is the mass transport coefficient t6hat considers the effect of natural attenuation? Is it the Retardation factor? I sow that the ritardation factor is calculated by Henry, Langmuir, Freundlich isotherms but, to calculate the R factor I need coefficients like"K" or "b1,b2" or "k1,k2". Where can I find in lecterature these coefficients? What are their meants?

    Manuela Girotto
  • Re: obs single point

    Thank You!! Have a good day!
  • obs single point

    Hello Everybody! Can someone explain to me how can I change the name of the obs single point using a file? I have to change the name of 100 obs single point and I don't want t spend to much time by changing the name one by one! Is it possible to change the name making for example an excell or *.trp or *.pnt file?