• Boundary conditions

    Hallo everyone,

    i am master student (environmental engineering) and i am writing my master thesis about groundwater. i am trying to creat a model for a city that is at the sea. The available boundary conditions are for the biggest part sea and the rest is a fault, where the water infiltrate from the neighboor aquifer to the aquifer in my study area.

    i choosed for my model:
    for sea => 1.BC Dirichlet with H=0m
    for the fault => 2.BC Neumann with Rate 0 m/d

    - I have set for the recharge on the top the rate of the infiltrated rain water on the Slice1
    - The informations that i got about the wells are just the rate and the depth of the wells (z in m above sea level) , so i implent them as 4.BC Well respectivily in the accurent slice/layer.
    - the initial condition is Hydraulic-heads values as shape data

    I have as interpolation method the inverse Distance.

    I have about 30 various combinations of boundary condition, i have built my model step per step ( given just thefirst two boundary condition and the infiltrations rate; then every step after the other conditions and information ) but i have not the results that i want. I had the best values of hydraulic head around 10^2 and as soon as i implent the wells the hydraulic head get bigger to reach 10^12.
    I have tried to set the first slice as Phreatic, it was better but not much. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

    In the exemple i have choose to put no BC in the south (where Neumann BC were). it still calculate high H.

    I have no time to try around. I need urgent help and i am reaching you to assist me, i am running out of ideas and possibilties.