• Re: Digging simulation

    Thank you Björn for your explanation.

    Some others questions :
    When I run the model in Vertical, axisymmetric, the Subdomain Boundary rate budget give me 1845 m3/d. But when I run with a 3D model the Rate budget is 2674 m3/d. Do you knom where come from the difference ?

    Moreover, why the Area or Lenght are so small ? (The well's radius is 8.3m) ???

  • Re: Digging simulation

    Thanks a lot for your advices.

    Björn, I have imposed Dirichlet condition in the excavation. I have used Subdomain Boundary Rate Budget on the bottom of excavation and I have found my answer :)

    Peter, I have used a very low k value but I don't understand why k=0 doesn't work.  ???  Can you give me more details please ?

    Thanks again.
  • Digging simulation


    I want to have the rate flow on the bottom of an excavation, is it possible to modelize this type of problem with feflow7.0 ? Water comes only by the bottom of the excavation because the limit of the excavation is impervious (modelize by conductivity = 0 m/d, as on the schema).

    Is there someone able to help me ?