• "Patchy" conductivity field calibrated with FePEST

    Goodevening everyone, I'm looking for some help about a project that I'm developing at the university.
    I have to calibrate the conductivity field in a tridimensional domain using FePEST. I'm using pilot points in some of the mesh layers and interpolating with ordinary Kriging, using an exponential anisotropic variogram. Once the calibration ends, I export the K field in FEFLOW and what I see is a "blotchy"/"patchy" (sorry I don't know how to explain) distribution of the conductivity, while I expected a more "continuous" K field. Particularly this occurs in the horizontal layers, while in vertical the distribution is more plausible. I attach the image of a slice and of a section to show what I mean.
    Initially I though this could be related to the Kriging options but I tested various correlation lengths and the problem persists anyway.
    Any idea about the reason for which this can happen? Any suggestion?
    Thank you very much in advance!