• two questions regarding using MIKE21FM

    Two questions:
    1) If I would to check the tidal influence of some reclamation activity on its surrounding water, i.e. compare the current speed between the result with and without the reclamation. Should the mesh be exactly the same ? 
    2) I set up a tidal model using MIKE21FM, and set 20m in bathymetry for region A(reclamation) in *.mesh file. The highest tidal elevation here is 8m. As a result, no water can enter region A.
    I made a cold start, the initial water level is 0m. However, I found the surface elevation, still water depth and total water depth read 4m, -4m and 0m espectively for the initial step in the result file *.dfsu. the surface elevation for other region is 0m. And some later steps, there was water in region A.
    It seems that MIKE21FM doest not read the bathymetry in region A correctly.  Could you please give some suggestion ?