• RE: Re-Meshing part of a layered domain to include several geological features

    Dear Carlos and everyone, I haven't found a solution yet. The clay deposits I would like to incorporate into the model are contained in a MOVE project (Petroleum expert software), and from this project, I can download ASCII files which are .dat files (point files with X, Y, and Z coordinates). After downloading them, I open them in ArcGIS and create shapefiles, which I then import into Feflow. At that point, I perform remeshing of the selection of the elements of interest, but the result is that I have tetrahedra scattered between the two slices and not confined between the top and bottom surfaces of the clay bodies so that it's impossible to select only the tetrahedra I need. Here is a screenshot of the situation: the yellow dots represent the base and roof surfaces of the clay deposits. Is the procedure correct, or am I doing something wrong? And how can I quickly select only the tetrahedra I need? Thank you in advance for your kind response
  • Re-Meshing part of a layered domain to include several geological features

    Hello everyone, I'm writing to ask for your help in solving a modeling problem. I'm working on a single layer domain in which I want to include variable-shaped and sized 3d polygons inside  by remeshing the elements in an unstructured mesh based on tetrahedra. When I try to remesh with tetgen using the files in format: GO CAD ASCII I get the error message from tetgen: A self intersection was detected, no matter what solid I try to import. Also I can visualize the 3d solids in the layer (see in attachment) My questions are:  * what is the best format of the 3d files to work with? * Did you experience something similar?  * How can I resolve?  thank you in advance Antonio