• Irrigation from storage reservoir possible??


    MIKE-SHE allows irrigation sources to be set as a river reach chainage range or from the subsurface.

    In the area I am modelling most irrigation is from storage dams as the river flow can drop very low during the irrigated period. 
    How can I include this with MIKE-SHE/MIKE-Hydro?

    I see that I can add storage reservoirs to the channel network in MIKE-Hydro, but these seem to be separate elements from the river branches. I can't see an option to irrigate from a storage reservoir in the MIKE-SHE interface, only river branches.
    Do the storage elements have an associated branch and chainage range that could be input in the irrigation source specifications in MIKE-SHE? How can I tell?

    Thanks for your help!
  • MIKE SHE Boundary Conditions - per cell or over the whole boundary length?


    I'm specifying a flux time-series as a boundary condition for a model of a floodplain. When I specify the inflow as m3/s, is this for each cell of the boundary or is it the total flow in over the boundary?

    In other words if I know the total inflow in m3/s, must I divide it by the number of boundary cells or does the model do that internally?

  • Saving MIKE-SHE outputs in AutoCal - limit in number?

    I have been using the AutoCal program to run multiple parameter scenarios of a model I set up in MIKE-SHE. 
    The model has quite a number of different subcatchments (15) and I want to save the groundwater outflow outputs for each one of them for each scenario run.

    I specified the output files from the model results folder in the AutoCal file for each SC, but it gives me an error saying the simulation failed.
    The model runs fine with those parameters however (I got them from Optimization runs).

    AutoCal runs the exact same set-up with few outputs specified to save and I didn't have a problem.
    I experimented and found that if I specify more than 9 different output files to save it gives me an error whereas if I do 9 or less, there is no issue.
    My computer has adequate space as well.

    Is there a limit in the software that I missed and/or that is not documented?
    Or am I doing something incorrectly?
    I would love to be able to save more than 9 outputs for each run if that is possible....

  • Re: AutoCal against monthly observed subcatchment accumulated data

    Thanks Oluf!
    I will try adding a river and writing a code to accumulate model output to monthly.

    As a related question, I have been getting an error message trying to run AutoCal that says "model run error"

    The model set-up runs fine outside of AutoCal.

    When I go into the AutoCal log, I get the following:

    "AUTOCAL simulation:

    Simulation option:  Sensitivity analysis
    Algorithm:          Local sensitivity analysis

    Evaluation of parameter set No. 1 initiated
    Evaluation of parameter set No. 2 initiated
    Evaluation of parameter set No. 1 completed: FAILED - model run error

    Error: Unable to continue. No of failed simulations too high. "

    However when I go into the individual "Model_Process1" etc folders and look at the MIKE-SHE logs it says that the WM model terminated normally.
    Do you have any suggestions for where else to look for the problem?

    Thanks for your help!
  • AutoCal against monthly observed subcatchment accumulated data

    I am trying to use the AutoCal tool to do a sensitivity analysis and then parameter observation on a MIKE SHE model.

    I have divided my model area into several subcatchments and I have not specified a river so the OLF and SZ outflow from interflow and baseflow reservoirs just leaves the model as net outflow in the timestep. (I'm trying to keep things simple to start with and then add in elements)

    The observed data I have to work with is total outflow volume per month.

    I am having two problems:

    1. When I go into the AutoCal tool to specify the Output file and item for comparison to the observed, the only output options I get are outflows for each subcatchment. How do I get a total for all the subcatchments as a variable I can calibrate against?

    2. My observed data is monthly. I can change the output specifications in the .she file, but the output time steps must be in hours. Is there a way to actually do it by month or do I just need to do the average number of hours in a month and know that some months will be off...

    The Toolbox didn't seem to have a place to just write a script to do this (sum subcatchment output and make it monthly) that I could add to the AutoCal simulation sequence, but I couldn't find any tool that allowed me to do that.

    What would you suggest?

    Thanks for your help!