• Re: Varying groundwater temperature

    Yeah, the overestimation by application of T-BC was in my mind as well. That's why I've tried to use transfer BC. Do you have any recommendations regarding this values. Let's say I know thermal conducitivty, what should I use for thickness? Both, model layer thickness as well as lithological layer thickness seem not optimal...

    I think I'll try a high discretization to see changes at lower depths.

    Anyway, as you've already mentinoned  there are many processes that influence groundwater temperature. So it might be a possibility to adjust my input temperature as kind of calibration of my observation. So all these processes are involved by some degree?

  • Varying groundwater temperature

    I'm trying to simulate the influence of solar energy on groundwater temperature in an annual trend. Therefore I have set up a model of 3 different units (different cp and thermal conductivity) with a thickness of 5 m for each. As input for solar energy I used temperature BC as well as heat transfer BC combined with a time series of temperatures. Both simulation showed changes in temperature of +/- 0.3 K. According to mesurement values I expect changes of at least +/- 3 .

    Does any one has some ideas to solve the problem, or should I rethink my model concept?