• Darcy Flux (nodal)

    Represent the Darcy fluxes in m/d the saturated and/or the unsaturated conditions or rather the saturated and/or the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity?

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  • FEFLOW 7.0 Anisotropy - rotation angle

    Dear FEFLOW Community.

    I`m thankful for the technical support of the FEFLOW community.

    I have a question with regard to the rotation angle due to the 2D anisotropic conductivity (measured in 2 directions: 0 deg and 90 deg).
    I handle with a compacted and layered landfill capping System with specific slope, that was determined from the geometry data.
    Can I use the slope of the geometry as rotation angle (anisotropy angle)? or how can I determine the rotation angle depending on kmax and kmin?

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    - graphic source (Diersch, 2014)
  • FEFLOW 7.0 - Validation check - halve and double the number of mesh nodes?

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    My Name is Erdimanni  :) and I'm new in the FEFLOW-Business  :D.
    How can I halve and double the number of mesh nodes for the Validation check of my modeling problem?

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