• Re: Problems creating a mesh

    Hello Peter, thanks for your answer! It helped me, and now works.

    I have maybe a few new questions. I am trying to save the nodes I selected in the slice view to apply new properties or modify them a posteriori. I use the option Store Current Selection (Capture_4) but I have no idea where they are stored?

    I need to apply a Density Ratio to simulate the contrast between salt and fresh water. But should it be applied on nodes, faces, slice faces or join faces? How does Feflow manages the positioning of these variables?

    Thanks a lot, kind regards in this particular epidemic time.
  • Problems creating a mesh

    Hello, I am beginner on Feflow!

    I use it to model freshwater-salt water interactions on an island aquifer.
    In addition, I add to this the modeling of water rise at a regular interval (-2 meters every 25 years). For this I create a single discretized model with concentric lines spaced 2m apart. I would then change the boundary conditions at the lines as I go along.

    The problem is when generating the mesh, Feflow crashes every time.

    Has anyone ever had this kind of problem before? Or is my handling bad?

    Many thanks  :)