• save line section data (result viewer)

    Hello, Is there any possibility to export / save line section segment results (result viewer) out of dacfile so I could use them in excel?

    Thanks for any help!
  • constraint condition/ boundary condition thermal heat


    I work on a 2D combined heat/flow problem.

    I use time varying Flux boundary condition [J/d] as geothermal output/ input rate.  I further more use constraint conditions (constant) min: 0°C; max: 25°C on the same knots.

    The temperature hydrograph looks fine (temperature never drops below 0°C). But the Budget Analyzer puts out way to large influx and outflux  ???

    Can someone help me on this problem? How does FEFLOW work with constraint condition, when the boundary condition is much to high for the constraints?

    Thanks a lot
  • Re: overview input data

    Thanx alot! I'll try it soon ;)
  • overview input data


    is there any file (e.g. .txt) I could get out all the input data of my problem. (Not using mesh inspector)

    Thanks for help!
  • thermal parameters


    I'am kind of confused about the use of thermal parameters (e.g. heat conductivity and heat capacity)  ??? when solving problems in saturated soil with ground water flow.

    First I have thermal parameters for water (thats fine) than I am asked to type in the thermal parameters of soil. Now I am confused about using ether parameters for saturated soil, for dry soil or for rock.

    How does Feflow combine the heat conductivity/heat capacity (by using the porosity, I suppose?)
    Which kind of soil is then to be used?

    Thanks alot for any help!
  • heat boundary at border


    concidering a border between two elements with two different heat transport properties. I put a out flux condition just at line with the border. Does the programm interpolate the boundary condition to both sides? And is trying to get out the same amount of heat on each side of the boundary or does it "know" on which side there are better conditions f.e. if I have air and soil, it does suck more on the soil side because the heat properties of soil are better?

    thanks for your help
  • Discrete Feature Element heat transport

    Remembering another question concerning Discrete Feature Elements just poped back to my mind.

    I start up with a 2D Modell. I want to simulate a heat flow transport along a tube. Using the manning Strickler equation. I put the discrete element somewhere to the middle of my model. When calculating now the heatflow the temperature changes at the point of inflow and the point of outflow but it is not calculated along the tube. It seems as if the tube is isolated or even ignored in the calculation. Is it possible to calculate alongside? How?

    Thanks a lot for your help
  • heat flux calculation


    I do have a concrete question concerning the calculation of in and outfluxes for heat transport.

    When I set an Value a.e. 10W/m² in the middle of the model. The heatflow will be sucked on both sides of my condition. Is my "real" heatflow to be calculated by Q= 2*q*l*B (B-depth of model (2d)). So the simulated out or influx would be 20 W/m² because of using both sides of the condition?
  • Heat transport boundaries


    In a 2D Mesh I assigned an aquifer thickness of 10m. For choosing the right Influx... Do I have to  calculate my flux by J/m/d that means do I calculate W/m²*10m*86400s/d or is it enough to just calculate W/m²*86400s/d always in mind I set 10m aquifer thickness in the Heat material Menu..

    Thank s alot