• Re: Pump control

    Are all the pumps the same size? (i.e. have the same pump curve)

    If the pumps are the same and you one have one duty pump under normal conditions, then why would it matter what pump is running? As this is just a theoretical model.

    Unless the pumps swap over mid pumping cycle?? :-\
  • Importing Of Water Demands Using Shape & Excel File

    Hi there,

    I was told on the training course that for a water network model it is more accurate to use water meter location data for adding in a network demand.

    But I have two files, the shape file for water meter location & ID and the Excel file for the water meter demand (in l/s).
    I understand how to import the demand if all information is loaded into the shape file, but this is not the case for me.

    * Can I import the water meter location & ID using the shape file and then add in the meter demand using an Excel file?
      Does anyone know the process?
      Is there a better way?

    Any help is appreciated  :D