• values changed to -9999.9900

    Hi all, I've got a question related to data export.
    After running a simulation on a BHE, I want to export the curve of the BHE Inlet/Outlet Temperatures.
    (I have to export it actually because the chart only shows two pink lines -inlet&outlet- without the possibility to change colour, which would be quite helpful in fact...)
    However, when I save the file some of the values are changed to "-9999.9900" making it impossible for me to reconstruct the original curve with Excel.
    Is there a solution to this bug? There seems to be no way to export (and use) a chart which is quite fundamental in BHE simulations...
    Thanks in advance!
  • Re: Dry conditions

    I think I works simply without imposing any hydraulic head BC but only hydraulic head initial conditions (-11m). My model (which is a cube 10x10x10 m) has saturation around 0.004 which shows basically dryness.. I guess that's as much as I can get. Do you think a BC is necessary anyway? When you say "just one BC" do you mean one BC on one node only? I cannot run it steady state as I have to use Richard's equation for unsaturated models.
    Let me know what you think, thank you in advance!
  • Re: Dry conditions

    Thank you Adam for the reply,
    however, considering that my model is 10 m deep, I guess I have to assign something like -11 m as Hydraulic head BC, not 0, if I want to create a completely dry model. Also I assign -11 m as hydraulic head initial condition to the whole model.. why should I assign 0?
    Correct there are no flow BC in the model.
    Again thank you for your reply,
    kind regards!
  • Dry conditions

    Hi folks!
    Just to make sure: if a want to create a completely dry model, assuming the absence of groundwater, is it enough for me to set BC hydraulic head lower than the depth of the model? If my model is 10 m deep, do I just need to assign BC hydraulic head to every node at say -11 m?
    Or is there a more proper way to assign a condition of complete absence of water?
    Thank you in advance for help,
    best regards
  • leap year

    Hi all! I was wandering if there is a way to "avoid" the 29th February occurring on leap years. This is because I am carrying out a 10 years simulation with a daily time-series, meaning that I assign a different value (heat extraction by a BHE) to every day of the year. However if I have one more day every 4 years the time-serie is shifted by one day every 4 years... and even if slightly the results do not perfectly match the calendar. Any solution suggested?
  • Re: BHE inlet temperature from previous outlet temperature

    Thank you Peter for your quick reply. Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge to develop my own plug-in, so I guess I'll use excell and find out the values myself for every time-step and create a time series with those values... or at least I will give it a try!
    Again, thank you very much indeed!
  • BHE inlet temperature from previous outlet temperature

    Hi all! I am working on a model with a BHE. I would like to impose the inlet temperature to the BHE as a function of the outlet temperature of the previous hour (or time-step), is this possible? Is is possible to assign the inlet temperature as a formula rather than a fixed value or a time-series?
    Thank you in advance for your help,
  • Re: borehole heat exchanger: numerical settings

    Hi Alessandro, I know it has been long time you posted this topic... did you get any result? What is your suggestion in dealing with these parameters?
  • Re: Borehole Heat Exchanger - retrieval of inlet/outlet temperature graph/data?

    Hi! I hope it is not too late, I guess you found out how to deal with this. If not, just remember that the charts are available when using full simulation result files, (.dac files) and not if you have your .fem file open. So if you want to get the charts you must open your .dac file.
    How did it go with the model of the array? I am also working on something like this... did you get the array to work?
  • Temperature assigned to elevation

    Hi all,
    is there a way to assign temperature to the elevation in a 3D model in Feflow 6.1? This is because my slices are not regular and I have two different gradients in the same model, so I don't thing the BHEloop plug in would work. I would like to say for example: -20 m has 15°C, -30 m has 20°C, -40 m has 30°C etc...
    Thank you in advance!