• Re: output file formats

    Thank you for your response,
    i have installed ironpython on my os x but i am not able to install MIKE SDK 2014. I tried to do it on windows (but i have mike 2012, so the versions are inconsistent) but i have also tried to do it without mike and i was not able to install this SDK too. Could you give me advice how can i get ironpython scripts for reading dsf files without license for mike 2014 please?
    thank you in advice for any help
    with best regards,
  • output file formats

    Hello Dears,
    I am new on the forum, so I apologize for any mistakes and doing something wrong. I also do not have a lot of experience with MIKE. But I am trying to help making 3d hydrodynamic model. The main problem which i see is to read dfs* files. People that use Microsoft windows has access to the matlab toolbox which uses Microsoft .NET. But i am Mac users and I am not going to switch back to Windows.
    I am going to analyze the results based on Matlab or other Math tools which does not read dfs* files. So i have one question: is there any converter of the dfs* file to more popular format like in example netcdf. Or are any tools in fortran/c that reads dfs files correctly?
    thank you in advance fo any help, with best regards,