• Re: Mike SHE autocalibration

    I have had some issues like this and it is usually one of two things:

    1.  You are running too many simulations (check your license to see how many seats).

    2. You are starting in a directory that you already ran an AUTOCAL simulation in, and that causes some permissions issues?  I have found when I delete all but the essential files before a run (delete all previous output files, except for in 'setup' directory), this error stops.

    1.  You can get a profile series from gridded results using the Profile button at the gridded Results Viewer as per the attached image (MIKESHE_ProfileSeries.jpg).  Is this an average along the profile line (I think so but would like to confirm)?  Is there any way to get grid values along the line instead?

    2.  You can generate a cross section of some variables by viewing the xxx_3DUZ.df3 file (MIKESHE_kl-Projection.PNG).  Is there any way to create a time series video of such images?

    3.  Is there any way to output a 3D or 2D non-binary result file, or any existing extraction utilities so that post processing and visualization can be done in a more custom way?

  • AUTOCAL: Unable to Invert parameter covariance matrix

    At the end of a ~24 hour run, I got the following error message (after all models computed).  The utility did not write the other sensitivity analysis information to the result file, so I can't see the sensitivity indices.

    [i]Error: Unable to invert matrix in calculation of parameter covariance matrix[/i]

    What may have caused the error?

    Also, any way to recover the sensitivity indices?