• Re: Fepest invalid argument

    I am using FePest, and the following error message was obtained when I am trying to calibrate Kyy and Kzz tied to Kxx in different zones:

    [INFO] running the script: run_pest.bat
    [INFO] running PEST...
    PEST Version 16.1. Watermark Numerical Computing.

    PEST is running in parameter estimation mode.

    PEST run record: case pastos_grandes_2_to_
    (See file pastos_grandes_2_to_.rec for full details.)

    Model command line:

    Running model .....

        Running model 1 time....
    [ERROR] Invalid zone: no zone with name (detected by workaround): .

    Error condition prevents continued PEST execution:-

    Cannot open model output file pastos_grandes_2_to_.fpo.