• RE: Recharge/Volume

    I used in/outflow on top/bottom with a recharge of 0.00045 m/day. My area (offline) is approximately 9.6 Sq.Km. The total recharge in the area is expected to be around 800 gpm. But, the model is giving me 8000 gpm. The recharge has seasonal variations and I see a recharge volume which is 10 times the expected for all the months. I also tried using the measuring tool in FEFLOW7.5, but the measurements are no where near to the observed real time measurements. Can you please explain why this might be happening? Thank You.
  • Recharge/Volume

    The inflow due to recharge calculated in feflow is 10 times larger than the offline calculation? Asper my understanding, volume in feflow is larger than the volume calculated offline. Does anyone have any idea why the domain volume in feflow is larger than the original volume and how i ca rectify this?